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From 1 July the new price list of the Linea Classica ribbons of Eurocoding will come into force!

Reading it, you will have the feeling of having gone back a few years, before the pandemic and the conflicts that generated a period of enormous social and economic difficulty, with cost increases for every type of product and sector.

In fact, it will immediately be apparent that most of the prices of the items proposed by Eurocoding have fallen!

A choice really contrary to what is the current moment, moreover implemented on the flagship product, the Linea Classica ribbons.

It is no coincidence that Eurocoding has chosen a strong strategy to impose itself at market level and become a point of reference, and wants to achieve this goal with a real 'ribbonlution': high quality, maximum competitiveness, competence and advice at the service of the Customer.

Other important news on the price list: - the re-introduction of further competitive prices for purchases from 8 boxes up - the publication in the list also of the sqm price for each quality of ribbon even uncut.


As always, the price list will be downloadable in the Reserved Area of the Eurocoding site. The Eurocoding staff is also available for further information and technical/commercial advice by email to or by phone at +39 0331 777721
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