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Honeywell's PD45 and PM45 series industrial printers are primarily suitable for use in any kind of application, from the demands of light commercial volumes to the most demanding 24-hour print performance.

Like the other models in the Honeywell family of industrial label printers, they are recognized for their long life and reliability and offer fail-safe labels, ease of programming, advanced network connectivity and security, and RFID and liner-less technology. A set of performance that confirms Honeywell is considered an industry leader.

Honeywell Pd45/PD45S are the new commercial-grade industrial printers, suitable for manufacturing, retail, logistics, healthcare and government applications.

The series features several features such as smart printing and optimization of settings without the need for a host computer.

With the Honeywell printing platform, the PD45 series can be the cost-effective alternative to competing printers on the market. The frame structure is entirely made of metal: this gives these printers a durable, compact but also elegant appearance, thanks to a very ergonomic design. The printers work with Arm Cortex-A7/800Mhz processor, 128M memory and 128M DDR3 SDRAM. Equipped with dual-sensor positioning technology (patented by Honeywell), they feature the dynamic positioning function, which provides a minimum label height of 5 mm and a vertical position accuracy of 0.5 mm, and support multiple print command languages such as FP/DP/IPL/ZPL/DPL, one-key driver installation and simple Windows configuration.


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Honeywell's PM45 is designed for smart label solutions. It is ideal for high-volume printing of high-quality labels in demanding industrial environments.

It features track-and-trace functionality that improves print efficiency and supply chain transparency in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution center management.

It is an industrial printer rich in advanced WWAN connectivity that enables 24/7 data communication and real visibility of critical data from a wide range of locations. Its versatility also allows the user to incorporate RFID, parallel, industrial and applicator interfaces to meet unpredictable future business needs. It also supports variable network protocols and multiple print languages to allow for easy integration into any system, whether it's cloud-based or on a local server. A robust all-metal printing mechanism, a simple print head and tool-free print roller replacement help minimize downtime and maintenance needs.


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And when it comes to maintenance, by turning to Eurocoding for Honeywell printers, you will have the great advantage of talking to a Honeywell Service Provider (HSP), a company that is authorized to provide professional repair and service services for Honeywell products.

HSP is a title that certifies professionalism and skill and is conferred in a very thoughtful way to a few and selected companies.

In Italy, it is precisely a small circle to enjoy this great consideration. And among these is Eurocoding, a historic partner of Honeywell for years, with which there is not only a collaboration in the printer sector but also in the consulting and sale of readers and terminals. Obtaining the HSP certificate also allows you to acquire through Honeywell any type of replacement part you need, accessible only to those who are authorized:

A benefit granted only to HSPs, which offers first of all the great advantage of having original parts and also of saving on costs and waiting time for the repair of the machine.

In addition, Eurocoding has started an in-house technical department since June 5 with a staff implemented by competent and trained technicians, new technological tools to offer even more valuable support, new channels and procedures to meet every request with fast and timely assistance.

You can find information about Honeywell products by contacting the Eurocoding team, always available for both technical and commercial advice, by email at, or by phone at +39 0331 777721
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