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Honeywell Service Provider, you are not born, you become: with experience, work and merit.

But what is a HSP (Honeywell Service Provider)?

It is a title that certifies professionalism and skill, and serves to be authorised to provide professional repair and service services for Honeywell products: those who turn to an HSP, then find qualified support that has been approved by a leading company like Honeywell.

A recognition that is not given to everyone lightly, but if anything in a very thoughtful way to a few and selected companies.

In Italy, it is precisely a small circle that enjoys this great consideration. And among these we are precisely Eurocoding, a historic partner of Honeywell for years, with whom we not only collaborate in the printer sector, but also in the consultancy and sale of readers and terminals.

To be a HSP (Honeywell Service Provider) you don't just have to know how to repair printers: you have to be the best at doing it!

And by obtaining the certificate, you can also acquire through Honeywell every type of replacement part you need, accessible only to those who are authorised:

A benefit granted only to HSPs, which first of all offers the great advantage of having original parts and also of saving costs and waiting times for the repair of the machine.

In addition to allowing the replenishment of spare parts also for warranty/contract products, the HSP program then guarantees, on an ongoing basis, technical product training and updates for repair practises to the staff of certified companies.

In practice, you are always able to provide a high-level service representing a world brand that relies on your competence. As if you were an outage of service from Honeywell itself, a real partner.


To take advantage of our HSP service, it is not necessary to have purchased the printer you intend to have repaired from Eurocoding:

You are still considered a Honeywell customer and you can contact Eurocoding finding certified competence and professionalism, with regard to any type of repair, upgrade and consultancy.

HSP you become, and Eurocoding has done so by focussing on the quality of the products it distributes and the professionalism of its technical/commercial team.

In particular, Eurocoding has recently invested in the technical support service, reorganising and empowering it.

From June 5, therefore, Eurocoding will present an internal technical Department with a staff implemented by competent and trained technicians, new technological tools to offer a more valid support, new channels and procedures to meet every request with fast and punctual assistance, thus raising the level even more.

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