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Honeywell barcode readers are what businesses need for their day-to-day barcode reading applications, even poor quality or damaged ones, with a full range of scanner models for every industry: stores, inventory and asset tracking, libraries, tool stores, back offices, and access control applications. In fact, there are several series of readers made by Honeywell, each specific to solve a certain need, from production to retail.

Like the Voyager™ 1470 and 1472 readers, designed for retail store workflows that require highly accurate 1D/2D scanning solutions that can withstand intensive tasks, given the many operations to be tackled every day: merchandise price tags, digital coupons, paper codes and on customer smartphones.

This series includes a variety of wired (mod. 1470) and wireless (mod. 1472) scanners, and in addition to offering high functionality and precision, they can withstand accidental shocks: up to 30 drops from about 2 meters and even 1,000 from 0.5 meters. Honeywell Operational Intelligence software, installed in both models, provides on-demand scanning insights, enabling increased employee productivity. And always speaking of productivity, an extended scanning distance allows you to reach the bottom of the trolley without having to bend, thus also avoiding physical fatigue. The longer Bluetooth range compared to competing devices also allows for greater operational flexibility for high-season satellite POS stations.

The two scanners are also covered by a 5-year warranty (1470, cable model) and a 3-year warranty (1472, cordless model).

If you own a retail business or work there, for accurate, long-lasting scanning capability on traditional barcodes and digital displays, but also on damaged, hard-to-read codes, rely on the industry-leading Honeywell.

Honeywell also offers a full range of high-quality barcode, ticket and tag label printers – the industry's best reliable coding and printing accuracy. Eurocoding, as well as a long-standing Honeywell distributor, also boasts the title of 'Honeywell Service Provider' (HSP), which is a Honeywell service partner authorized to perform both on-site and laboratory repairs on Honeywell industrial and desktop printers.

An assignment that certifies professionalism and competence and that is granted to a few and selected companies. In Italy, it is really a small circle to enjoy this great consideration, because to be an HSP you don't just have to know how to repair printers: you have to be the best at doing it. And thanks to obtaining the certificate, you can also acquire through Honeywell every type of spare part you need, accessible only to those who are authorized: a benefit granted only to HSPs, which offers first of all the great advantage of having original parts and also to save on costs and waiting time for the repair of the machine.

So when you turn to Eurocoding, in addition to consulting and marketing services for Honeywell products, you can also benefit from a world-class technical support and repair service.

Thanks also to a recently reorganized and enhanced Internal Technical Department, with new technological tools (including an innovative portal for reservations and ticket openings) and a staff implemented by competent and prepared technicians.


For any need, the Eurocoding technical / commercial staff is always available to offer quality support and timely solutions by email to, or by phone at +39 0331 777721
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