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TH DH SERIES: The first eco-friendly TSC printers inside and out!

Satisfied customers, but also a respected environment: TSC Printronix Auto ID continues its customer satisfaction policy but also aiming at eco-sustainability, for a 'global satisfaction'!

A “green” choice not dictated to embrace a fashion, but for an idea of development that is based on the continuous renewal of resources.

In practice, it is a way to produce goods and services without harming the environment, an evolution of economic and production processes to which companies are looking for increasingly innovative solutions.

With TH DH series desktop barcode printers, TSC Printronix Auto ID has also taken this path to the full.

In fact, reducing waste and using recycled materials both in the final product and in its packaging are the cornerstones related to the eco-sustainability of these printers.

However, we take into account that TSC Printronix Auto ID has always been attentive to the energy efficiency of its products, all of which comply with WEEE, REACH and RoHS requirements, while most are ENERGY STAR® certified.

As for the TH DH series, the numbers related to the green application are highly significant:

- By 2025 25% less energy used for production

- 100% recyclable plastic printer wrap, made from 30% recycled plastic

-In addition, more than 90% of all other parts of the printer are recyclable.

The same attention has also been paid to printer packaging: 100% recyclable from the inside out reduces environmental waste.

The shipping cartons with FSC certification are characterized by 80% recyclable wood pulp, with 20% FSC compliant wood pulp and 100% recyclable printed pulp packaging padding, in addition to packaging bags made of up to 100% recyclable material, so as to be the first environmentally sustainable TSC printers!

The choice to run along the “green way”, will lead TSC Printronix Auto ID to offer better products, but also a better world.

Check out all the technical features of TSC's TH DH Series and download the official presentation:

And in addition to the support of a quality service, Eurocoding, as the official TSC distributor, is able to guarantee that TSC printers are always available in its warehouse, ready to be shipped immediately to anyone who requests them.

However, the Eurocoding technical/commercial team is always available: by email at, or by phone at +39 0331 777721.
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