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The Full Range Granit 1280i industrial reader reads bar codes up to a distance of 16.5 m.

The 1280i has been designed to easily read any linear barcode with a wide depth of field: from low quality 7.5 mil codes printed on paper to 100 mil retro-reflective codes and any element in the range.

Thanks to the improved reading capacity, the intuitive and configurable pointer and the speed of response, this reader guarantees maximum operator productivity.






Full Range Depth of Field: Scanning capacity up to 16.5 m on 100 mil retro-reflective labels or 8.9 cm distance on 7.5 mil high density barcodes and any element in the range.


Industrial level cable option: tested to withstand 300,000 bends at 90 ° at a temperature of -30 ° C, it is able to transmit data even if subjected to an effort of 27 kg. The industrial level cable is capable of withstand even very demanding environments.


Ideal for industrial environments that require a high number of scans: it guarantees efficient barcode scanning performance and extraordinary precision, together with improved reader "feedback" functions for use in extremely noisy environments.


Exceptional durability : the customized casing with IP65 protection is able to withstand 5000 bumps from 1 m to 50 falls from 2 m to -30 ° C, guaranteeing a reduction in maintenance costs and an increase in operation.


Excellent scanning performance even with damaged or poor quality barcodes: it allows you to keep productivity unchanged by minimizing the cases, most prone to errors, in which you need to enter data manually.


Remote MasterMind ™ reader management software: offers a practical and fast solution for IT administrators who want to manage all the readers on the network from a single remote location.


HYPERION 1300G.jpg


The TE200 series offers customers worldwide a competitive, durable, versatile and easy-to-use desktop printer. There are 4 models available.

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The TDP244 offers at the same time reliability, durability and convenience, with a resolution of 203 dpi and a print speed of 108mm per second.

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