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Download the new price list of Rewinders and Dispensers!

From today, the new price list dedicated to Retractors and Label Dispensers is now available for download in the Eurocoding Reserved Area.

Discover the products available!

Starting with the Entry Level version of the DWR dispenser, the small DWR LC dispenser, ideal for small businesses. Economical, extremely compact and lightweight, it is suitable for non-hea heavy work and with labels with a maximum width of 100 mm.

Continuing with the DWR FC and DWR MC versions, both in their original versions with photocell and microstator, accompanied by a preselection label counter with progressive count of the dispensed labels or regressive with stopping the dispensing of labels once the set number is reached.

And the revolutionary ROLL TO ROLL systems, real workstations that, by integrating the unwinder, printer and retractor, create work units that guarantee perfect alignment and great working autonomy. Dedicated to both custom color label inkjet printing and thermal transfer printing.

Download the datasheets and discover all the technical characteristics of each product:

Or download the price list directly here:

For any information or request, do not hesitate to contact us at or +39 0331 777721

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